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FLUTTERS from Side Street

FLUTTERS from Side Street what is it?

here is a short interview with author george gee about his dry erase art book. more info at https://www.facebook.com/fluttersfromsidestreet/




homer site visit

homer ak 99603

homer is located on the southern tip of the kenai peninsula about 115 air miles south of anchorage.  the city has about 5000 year round residents and is a vibrant hub for art known far beyond alaska. we are working with the homer council on the arts to develop plans for energy upgrades and reorganization of their existing facility.

homer council on the arts

nome site visit

nome, ak 99762


located just 102 miles south of the arctic circle, nome is the regional hub for the norton sound area. we are working on a major interior remodel project of about 9000 sf that includes two court rooms for the alaska court system and associated office and support functions. the project will have asbestos abatement and removal of two original existing steam boilers with higher efficient equipment. hope we can incorporate some more local art and materials into the project.

art in the superior court room

art in the superior court room

risk and resilience

joe swan sr. kivalina 2012

joe swan sr. kivalina city council member

next week i will be visiting with MDes students at the harvard university graduate school of design in the risk and resilience program.  i will present an update of the adf relocate project. the bbc london was asking if the residence of kivalina will be the first climate refugees in north america.  see the article by bbc here.


anchorage community works

anchorage community works

anchorage youngest non-profit the anchorage community works is getting off the ground on ship creek avenue after a successful kickstarter campaign. the goal is to offer a space for any creative work and encourage collaboration across many disciplines. it might also be the location where you can enjoy your favorite band play or sign up for a workshop to get know-how on your topic of choice.

please consider your support by checking out the facility or programs or donate to the campaign (i am sure they will still accept your help, even the kickstarter has ended…)



visitor center site visit

aspen tree column

aspen tree column

mock-up of a peeled aspen tree column at a recent site visit to the happy trails kennels new visitor center under construction. the new 2500 sf facility is scheduled to open later this summer.
the aspen trees are from the site and peeled right after they are harvested.  over time they will turn white and the aspen are known for their resistance to rotting and warping.




XX ADF – 20 years alaska design forum

australian architect glenn murcutt visits point hope   © klaus mayer

australian architect glenn murcutt visits point hope
© klaus mayer

the alaska design forum is celebrating 20 years of design in alaska.

here is a short Q&A with katherine stalker of association of architecture organizations

in preparation of our party at the anchorage museum may 10 2013.




kska radio show on urban in alaska today

Architecture, Public Space & Urban Design

los anchorage

los anchorage or
architecture in the wild

April 16, 2013 – 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm


This week on Addressing Alaskans, we’ll feature one of three panel discussions recorded at the Urban in Alaska conference hosted by UAA. First Dr. Shelia Selkregg speaks on “Community Vision and Genius Loci,” followed by architect Klaus Mayer on “Lost Anchorage: Architecture in the Wild,” then Dr. Sharon Chamard on “Conflict Over Public Spaces: Responses to Chronic Public Inebriates in Anchorage” and finally Bruce Farnsworth of MTS Gallery on “A State in Time.”

urban in alaska

urban in alaska panel one: dr. sharon chamard, dr. shelia selkregg, klaus mayer and bruce farnsworth