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oldie but goodie

6 10 2014

this story was first published in dwell almost 10 years ago….

dwell story....

dwell story….

…A home features panoramic views of the stunning Alaskan landscape: http://www.dwell.com/house-tours/article/alaska-final-architectural-frontier

“This land, it is a fantastic, natural place,” explains Klaus Mayer, when I talk to him later on the phone. “It needs structures that respond to this amazing environment, that articulate this area. That doesn’t exist here yet—and that is the great challenge for us to work on.”

If Alaska is indeed architecture’s last frontier, then these must be its first pioneers.

“houses we love” dwell takes a look at rural houses

using the term farmhouse in a wider sense, dwell magazine added our house for a musher on a list of ten rural houses …….

10 charming farmhouses around the globe

Set in ranging landscapes from Alaska to Sweden, Dwell takes a look at 10 modern cottages built on rural terrain around the world.




photo by kamil  bialous


living in a viewmaster

view masters in alaska © kamil bialous

view masters in alaska
© kamil bialous

canadian photographer kamil bialous shares some of the images he took of our house for a musher that he shot for dwell last fall.

“A house for a musher; Martin Buser and Kathy Chapoton residence photographed for Dwell. A modern log cabin, with perfect views of golden valleys and distant mountains, and finished in black charred cedar, sits atop one of the highest hills around. Overlooking a meadow, lake, and Martin’s dog kennels, the land changes with the light and seasons, the windows becoming picture frames to the scenery.

But the house is not a fortress – designed by architects Mayer Sattler-Smith, its concept allows an indoor/outdoors balance, because you don’t just look at the landscape, you live with it. Like living in a viewmaster.